Meister Innovative Consulting

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Media Coaching

We give clients the tools and help them develop the skills necessary to be at the top of their game when participating in media interviews. We offer the following coaching services:

  • Customized Media Coaching for Individual, Corporate, and Non-Profit Clients
  • Evaluations to Determine Media Outlet Appearance Targets
  • On Site Coaching Before and During Scheduled Media Appearances

Media Strategy

We work with individual companies, and also offer our services to media relations departments and publicists who need our experience in evaluating and positioning clients for maximum media exposure.The services we provide include:

  • Company Evaluation
  • Media Outreach and Placement Opportunities
  • Product Development
  • Creation of Customized Story and Pitch Ideas

Media Production

Our services are available for clients who require our knowledge creating and producing detail oriented productions in TV, Web, and Print including:

  • Site Surveys
  • Programmable Story Topics
  • Background Research, Pre-Interviews, and Expert Bookings